My imagination has always taken me to magical places, usually with the help of books, one of my many passions. I have been dreaming since forever about the day I would live extraordinary moments in real life.

When I grew up my passion for unknown places only got stronger. So I started to feel an urge to explore and travel the world.

My family doesn't really get it, and they sort of feel like it's a way of escaping reality.

However, that couldn't be farther from the truth. For me, traveling is not about escaping but finding. Discovering, belonging.

I always ask myself: if there is only one life, in such a great planet, how could I be content with only knowing a small part of it?

Today, 20 countries later, I know I am on the right path, and I want to help and inspire people to find their own pathways.

if you are called to change your life by any example, and your self responds–––you must change your life. and once you change, change again.

Your next self, too, will be challenged by examples, to find a self still waiting beyond. thus there is no perfection in perfectionism; the process of experience and correspondence never stops. if there could be any end in view, it would be only this: that the circle of things corresponding to you grow not wider, but infinitely wide, touching everything that exists.”

Mark Greif, ‘The concept of experience’

Traveling is not my only passion. I also love reading, writing, and eating loads of popcorn.

I am also a vegan, since January 2018, and I love everything related to veganism (especially tempeh).

I graduated from Law School, but I always loved Philosophy way more. Nowadays I have been focusing on enriching my knowledge of Eastern Philosophy.

I am loving to work with content writing and digital marketing, so I can see myself working in that field for a long time. I don't say forever because I know I am still going to change a lot during my life.

My favorite writer is Dostoyevsky and my playlist is the most diverse ever.

I love Yoga, a practice that saved my life, self-esteem, and helped me make the decision to travel by myself.


Lonewolfing's mission is to inform, entertain, and inspire women that also have an urge to be different, and follow their dreams. Especially if they involve traveling.

The main objective is to offer advice to help women find their own path, plan, and explore the world.

Besides, it is a space of empowerment, with posts narrating the many challenges women still face around the world and the initiatives that are trying to change that.

Much more than a travel blog, I want this website to be a channel of inspiration, self-love, introspectivity, and a safe place for women to overcome their mental and soul challenges.

In a chaotic world, this space aims to be plural, safe and comfortable, for those who are tired of the old paradigm and the routine of a life of conformity.

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