The beginning

Since I first imagined this project and blog, it was hard to figure how to begin. I only knew that more than a travel diary of a solo female traveler, I wanted to initiate a dialogue, with myself and with the world.

Dialogues between strangers usually start in an uncomfortable way, when the involved still barely know each other and are too afraid of showing who they are, their desires and thoughts. Therefore, I already apologize if this first post is a little bit awkward and timid, it is just my way of trying to break the ice.

Firstly, a conversation demands more than one participant and, despite my occasional schizophrenic behavior, the purpose of this space is to initiate a talk with the world, specially with women that, just like me, have big dreams of freedom and conquering the world (I know we are many). So, I want to invite you to participate, to criticize, add or even to just say hello.

This also because the project aims to serve as an inspiration, a place to exchange experience, and motivation to break patterns. We are often called crazy, naive or arrogant when we nurture big dreams, and that ends up discouraging even the bravest ones. That is why this place was built to give space to the crazy ones, for them to affirm their ambitions, dreams and to share their craziness.

This project is the expression of my own insanity and it was born from my crazy desire to fly. Not literally, obviously. The routine and ordinary always seem to suffocate me, and my big dreams were often mistaken with arrogance or naiveness, but I always knew they were just as far as my perseverance.

After graduating law school – after 6 years living by myself, two intense depression crisis, and lots of learning and maturing – the idea of living my next years working crazy hours, sacrificing my time and health to defend causes that were not related to my fundamental beliefs sounded unbearable. That was when, after many yoga classes, anxiety crises and nights wondering what is the purpose of life, I decided to amplify my perspective about the world, the one inside and the one outside myself.

The best way of doing so was, in my opinion, to travel the world. To put myself in challenging situations, becoming a little dot in movement in a crowd of strangers and to hold the beauty of being a foreigner, always keeping my mind, eyes and ears open to absorb new points of view.

As expected, the idea of a 23 year old “girl” traveling the world by herself with only a backpack sounded absurd, to my parents, friends end even to myself. Not only that, the resources online were so few that I actually started believe it was an impossible delusion.

I was also lacking an extra motivation, a purpose beyond myself. That was when I decided to bring together my crazy to the crazy of other women, so I added my dream to the possibility of helping others to fulfill theirs.

The project then gained shape and is born today, with this post. Lone Wolfing will be a channel via blog, Instagram and youtube, aiming to share my experiences as a solo female traveler, with a super low budget, and showing the struggles and wonders of my path. And that is not all. It will also be a place to discuss the challenges we still face as women worldwide, and what we can do to become protagonists of the feminist movement and change, even if slightly, the reality of our gender.

Again, the main purpose of this project is to create a platform, a vehicle to enable a conversation, an exchange. I don’t want to give lectures (nor do I have the necessary authority to do so), or write my absolute truths. I want mainly to motivate women who also want to travel the world, as well as all the others who think outside the box and dream of a freedom that is still not a reality. I also want to demonstrate the difficulties that many of us already have the privilege of not facing, but that many other women in remote places of the earth still do on a daily basis.

As is a project from my own little head, inspired by so many other inspirational women, I hope you can also help to shape it, once it is still just an idea, a seed that I throw on the Internet hoping that it grows enough to create changes in the “real” world.

I hope this initial talk was not too tedious, or too awkward. With some time I will perfect my blogging game, I promise.

To resume, I declare the lone wolfing project initiated.

Thank you for reading and participating in the fulfillment of my dream!

Ieda Fontoura

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